To understand what “RoughStock” means and how it fits in to our distillery, a quick background on where the term came from. The short answer is that it is a rodeo term. Many rodeo events were based on the day in and day out routines of cattle ranching. The American cowboy acquired skills that were needed to keep the herd healthy to prosper in the American west. Eventually these skills were put to the test as a way to keep cowboys entertained while enduring the arduous daily routine of ranching. Call it friendly competition, if you will. Eventually these rodeos became entertainment and drew crowds at early fairs and festivals in the American West following the Civil War. Today, a rodeo is as American as apple pie and baseball

A full rodeo consists of rough stock events (bull riding, saddle bronc riding, and bareback bronc riding) as well as timed events (barrel racing, steer wrestling, calf roping, breakaway roping, and team roping). There are a few rodeos where just the rough stock events are held and a single rider will ride a bull, saddle bronc, and bareback bronc in one night for a combined score. It’s not for the faint of heart!

RoughStock Distillery is named after the traditional riding events of the early American Cowboy. Steeped in tradition, hard work, and individual skill, our distillery is a reflection of the core values of the American West and its unofficial mascot: the American Cowboy. We take grains grown in the fertile Montana soil and painstakingly turn them in to American whiskeys, begetting yet another American tradition. Like the cowboys before us, we live life in Montana according the Code of the West. What that means is that we make do with what is around us and live within a high moral character and respect. At RoughStock Distillery we make whiskey the same way. What we end up with is something simple, true, pure, and distinctly western. We’re making Montana whiskeys and the flavor is as big and humble as the state itself! Just as a rough stock rider shows his/her skills with a quiet tip of the hat, we let our products speak for themselves in the same way.