Straight Rye

Rye was a predominate grain used in whiskey making before farm land in the United States took to growing an abundance of corn. Traditional American cocktails such as the Sazerac, Manhattan, and Old Fashioned were originally made with Rye Whiskey. Unlike most rye whiskeys that generally use only 60 to 80 percent rye grain, our straight rye whiskey starts out with a 100 percent rye grain mash, mixed with pure mountain stream water. After fermentation in our open-top old growth Oregon fir fermentation tanks, it is carefully double distilled in our traditional copper pot stills. After distillation, only the sweet, clean heart of the distillate is placed in fine grain virgin American white oak barrels that have been toasted and heavily charred to our specifications. With the increased popularity of classic American cocktails, rye whiskeys have seen a comeback in popularity. The dry, spicy nature of rye makes for a broad-shouldered whiskey and RoughStock Rye is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Try this traditional American whiskey and relive old-world drinking culture at its best!

Tasting Notes

Toffee and spice permeate the nose with coriander, orange peel, and pumpkin spice. On the palate there is fresh mint, more toffee, cinnamon, and slight butterscotch. The finish is a dazzling array of mint and toffee with a slightly smoky oak underpinning. Broad, long, deep, flavor throughout this whiskey with a strong finish.