Spring Wheat

We use one hundred percent hard white spring wheat grown just up the road from our distillery at Wheat Montana Farms for this whiskey. This unique strain of wheat is grown primarily for the bread making industry therefore it has a higher protein content compared to other strains of wheat used in the distilling industry. Affectionately known as “Prairie Gold,” this wheat has soft and gentle notes when mashed and distilled providing a distinctly unique taste from the beginning. After fermentation in our open-top old growth Oregon fir fermentation tanks, it is carefully double distilled in our traditional copper pot stills. After distillation, only the sweet clean heart of the distillate is placed in our used pure malt casks for maturation. Aging in the used malt barrel allows for the gentle notes of the wheat to shine through without an overbearing oak influence. After the whiskey is matured, it is then finished with a heavily toasted French oak for a few months which provides a bit more body and complexity on the finish.

Tasting Notes

A soft hint of vanilla, honeycomb, and light butterscotch permeate the nose. The soft touches on the nose continue on the palate, with more pronounced butterscotch and honeycomb. It rounds out with a sweet spicy finish from the French oak that ends the tasting experience with a pronounced statement. Straw gold in color and a lighter taste on the palate will never have you doubting that this is made with wheat. Prairie Gold, indeed!