Sweet Corn Whiskey

This isn’t moonshine. This isn’t something your granddaddy made in his shed or barn, either. No, sir! This is American history in a bottle! This whiskey is the ONLY whiskey in the United States you can call whiskey without first aging it in a barrel. Why? Because whiskey, no matter where you are in the world, wasn’t aged in barrels on purpose to begin with. It was a happy accident, really. Rules and regulations governing the aging of whiskey in barrels has since been mandated by various countries (the most recent laws adopted in 1964 for American whiskeys), but American corn whiskey stood alone. Without going into too much historical detail, this type of whiskey represents American distilling culture and how it started. We start with 100 percent food grade sweet yellow corn and mash it with pure mountain stream water. After fermentation in our open-top old growth Oregon fir fermentation tanks, it is carefully double distilled in our traditional copper pot stills. After distillation only the sweet clean heart of the distillate is collected, set aside to mellow for a minimum of two weeks, and then cut to 100 proof for bottling. Clear whiskey? You bet! And it has more depth and flavor than you can imagine!

Tasting Notes

Freshly shucked corn on the cob starts off on the nose followed by a faint corn liquor smell. On the palate, there’s more corn on the cob, maybe even a little butter in there, with a freshly popped, popcorn finish. Simple. Clean. Almost refreshing. Try this in a Bloody Mary and prepare to have your socks blown off!

Featured Recipe

Manhattan Montana Manhattan
2 oz maple bacon infused RoughStock Sweet Corn Whiskey (see the recipes section for infusion instructions)
1 oz Benedictine
2 dashes Orange Bitters
Cherry Garnish

Chill a Martini glass by placing ice in it and letting it sit while mixing ingredients in a separate mixing glass. Mix ingredients over ice, shake and strain into pre-chilled Martini glass. Garnish with Cherry. Sip and enjoy!

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