Black Label

This is the single barrel version of our Montana Pure Malt Whiskey. Made in the exact same way as our flagship whiskey, our Black Label is the best of the best. Since every barrel has its own influence on the final flavor of the whiskey, some barrels stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Our distiller hand selects individual barrels based on aroma and flavor. He is looking for deep, rich, complex aromas and taste. When those barrels are found, they are put aside for our Black Label. Each cask is emptied and bottled as one seamless batch, also known as a “single barrel” bottling. The whiskey is untouched: uncut, unfiltered, and unadulterated in any way and at actual cask strength. The result? A very deep and rich whiskey dominated by the tireless work of our fine American white oak. Released in limited quantities and only when the quality of the whiskey is deemed worthy of the Black Label, it is sure to take your breath away!

Tasting Notes

Heavy fruit (blackberry, dark cherry, and plum) travel through the nose with caramelized banana and toffee in the background. The heavier fruits hit the palate and quickly fade to reveal stronger toffee, dark chocolate, and candied orange zest. The finish is long and warming and leaves the palate with traces of sweet malt notes and figs, inviting you to jump back in and try this thrill ride again!